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Zone Control System in New Orleans and Surrounding Areas

At Keefe’s, heating and cooling are our specialties. However, we believe that keeping your home as comfortable as possible during every season takes more than just a functioning air conditioner and furnace. Having a well designed and efficient zone control system can make your home comfortable on a room-to-room basis. No more keeping every room super cold or warm (unless you want to, of course!) We believe that zone control systems can change a home all for the better. If you don’t think that you require a fancier system, that’s no problem either! We offer a wide variety of comfort controls for every household’s heating and cooling needs.

Digital Smart Thermostats

If you need a new thermostat, going more modern is smarter in the long run. Regardless of the size of your home or your preferred indoor temperature, our range of thermostats will meet all of your heating and cooling needs all year long.

Why invest in a new programmable thermostat installation?

  • Keep your entire home the perfect temperature without overworking your air conditioner or heater, thanks to a thermostat’s temp monitoring ability.
  • Programmable thermostats allow for a variety of energy-efficient and smart options to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank with intense energy bills
  • Many digital smart thermostats allow for remote control, meaning that you can maintain your home’s temperature from your phone rather than physically change it on the thermostat itself.
  • Our team of professional HVAC technicians has leagues of experience, meaning that you can trust us to complete your thermostat installation with no issue.

If you need assistance with keeping your home feeling comfortable all of the time, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact our team today to set up an appointment and get the perfect thermostat for your daily life!

Multi-Zone Control Thermostats

The simplicity of smart thermostats isn’t all that we can do. Zone control systems are the heating and cooling method of the future, with their extensive flexibility and impressive efficiency. Their popularity is on the rise, especially for bigger homes where many spaces are underutilized or poorly insulated.

There are plenty of reasons you should consider investing in a zone control system for your New Orleans home. Here are just a few of the many to consider:

  • Zones can be programmed to whatever you require, whether it be individual rooms or entire floors of a townhome.
  • If your home has people who prefer very different temperatures throughout the year, now no one will have to compromise with a zoning system.
  • Don’t waste electricity heating and cooling rooms that you never use, thanks to the zoning capabilities.
  • Whether you go for a more straightforward dual zone thermostat or go a bit more complicated with a multi-zone option, the same amazing perks of smart thermostats carry over to the zone control system

Our dual zone thermostats and multi-zone heating control system are definitely worth your consideration. Whether using it to keep your most-used rooms cool in the summer heat or to keep every member of the family with the perfect temperature bedroom, we promise that our systems can transform your home for the better. Contact us today for more information on how our multi-zone heating and cooling control systems can work for you!

More Than Just Comfort Control

At Keefe’s, our services range far beyond that of zoning control systems and thermostat installations. We have the training and experience to take on all of your HVAC and electrical issues. Whether you’re in New Orleans or any of the surrounding areas, Keefe’s is here to help you all year round.

Here is just a small sampling of the variety of services we offer:

Regardless of the task, our team of technicians and electricians can tackle it for you! Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can restore your home’s HVAC and electrical systems to meet their fullest potential.

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